LAPROVET’s main goal is to improve animal health in livestock farming systems which environment is becoming more complex with:

  • Strong population growth combined with an increase in animal proteins’ needs.
  • Decrease of extensive livestock farming: land pressure, increasing scarcity of natural resources, development of protected areas.
  • Social and health challenges facing extensive livestock farming: over-consumption of antibiotics, manure management.

LAPROVET emphasizes the impact of livestock farming activities on human health by making the concerned stakeholders adhere to the slogan « Their Health is Also Ours ». At a time where health is one of our society main concerns, it is a duty to secure the quality of animal-based products in our diet and to avoid zoonosis (process whereby an infectious disease is transmitted between species; refers to diseases that can travel from non-human animals to humans), which represents a serious threat of pandemic.

To reach this goal, LAPROVET promotes two of its core values:

  • Quality: products are manufactured in state-of-the-art European laboratories and respect the European standards (GMP, GDP and GLP) to secure steady and controlled performances.
  • Education: a professional field team daily provides advice and trainings to professional sectors (disease prevention, biosecurity and vaccination).

Thus, LAPROVET is engaged in long-term development of livestock farming and is convinced that each stakeholder’s commitment is necessary to better meet the needs of the future.