LAPROVET is a French veterinary laboratory that launched its worldwide operational activities in Sub-Saharan Africa in the early 1980s by assisting the privatisation process of veterinary services.

Thanks to its quality products and technical support provided to farmers by its teams on the field, the company managed to build its success and its corporate image.

The company is now a leader in Animal Health in this region of the world, as it is able to give appropriate solutions to local situations such as:

  • The development of an innovative range of trypanocidal drugs and an integrated program with external anti-parasitic treatments to fight against the main disease that affects the livestock in Intertropical Africa.
  • The development of a vaccine to protect against Newcastle disease with an appropriate packaging adapted to rural poultry farming. The prevention of this prevalent disease in villages is important to fight against poverty in rural areas.
  • With the support of international development organisations, training and assistance program for the vaccination process have been set up in the Sahel region for many years.
  • The deployment in various countries of a team of experts with a ground expertise and providing major technical supports in developing livestock farming.

Fortified by its experience, LAPROVET keeps on developing its activities in the Middle East and in Asia thanks to its comprehensive approach of the sector (solutions in disinfectants, vaccines and nutritional products) and its technical professional expertise in livestock farming.