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It has been demonstrated that poultry farm in villages is a viable alternative source of income for rural households. The Newcastle disease constitutes a major obstacle to develop and maintain these farms; it is therefore important to combat this virus through preventive vaccination campaigns.
Through a field approach, LAPROVET is actively involved against this disease to develop the sector. LAPROVET has besides developed a vaccine, adapted to the conditions of use in villages.
In this context, LAPROVET has been part, since 2016, of a project to upgrade the vaccination coverage in order to support village poultry farmers in Burkina Faso. This project is built around two main lines:
– One in partnership with the public sector, essentially the CPAVI (Centre de Promotion de l’Aviculture Villageoise), for the training of the vaccinators, the provision of equipment and good distribution of the products: vaccine against Newcastle disease and dewormer.
– The other one in partnership with VSF (Vétérinaires sans Frontières) for the implantation of private technicians in the subregion in order to improve the health coverage of the village poultry.In 2017, this project has already enabled:
– Awareness campaign in 350 villages,
– Initial training of 850 vaccinators,
– Refresher training of 850 existing vaccinators.
These significative results have contributed to achieve vaccination of 24 million poultry, that is to say the best vaccination coverage never reached in this area.
Posted on 26 octobre 2018